Synth Talk

This is the Sound-Studio “Tiefklang”

german for “Low Tones” or “Intruding Sound”

The name stands for two reasons: First I like deep, hypnotic bass sound in music, bass has not to be only for poor accompaniment.

and secondly: music is at its best when there is a deeper meaning, music for symbols, guided by spontanious feelings.


                 Below the apparatus: I´m a hardware fan of the machines of the 70ies and 80ies.

Every function comes from a machine, every knob results in a change. sometimes virtuals, sometimes transistors; even mixed together, but all fine hardware to feel it in your hands.

And: every synth has its own unique sounding such as the legendary Moog, Roland, Korg, Yamaha and PPG Sound, newly a Virus, a Nord and a Korg´s MMT too.

In common most synths sound universal today; very sorry to Fantom, Triton and Motif...

All tracks I was playing mostly live and improvised on Stereo 24/96, analogue Tape or on Multitrack


     List of gears:

Tiefklang Studio actually ownes:


Console / Monitor / Amp

-Allen & Heath ZED 24 Mixer

 -Sony TA-F 590 ES

-A.D.A.M. ANF 10 Nearfield-Monitor

-Orange Micro Crush



-AKG 240 DF

-Beats Pro


Aufnahme-Maschine / Mastering / DJing

-Roland Octa-capture V1.51
w/ Mac Book Pro 2,2 i7 16 GB

-“micro Studio”-> iPad mini 2 + Duo-capture EX

-Zoom H4n 24/96 Recorder V1.72

-Sony DTC 59 ES w/ Techno Lab Mod

-Sony TC-K 770 ES

 -Sony TC-D5 Pro

-Technics SL-1200 MkII w/ Sure M44-7



-Roland MC-50

-Korg SQ-1

-Amiga 500 V1.3+HxC

-Arturia Beatstep Pro


Keyboards / Synths / Module

-Access Virus TI2 Desktop

-Akai S-900 4.0 +HxC +LED

-ARP Axxe MkII Mod. 2323

-Arturia micro Brute

-Casiotone 301

-Casio CZ 1000

-Casio MT-30


-Ensoniq ESQ-1 OS 3.53 HW

-Korg 770 +CV/Gate, Filter in

-Korg MS-20 (Korg 35)

-Korg MS-2000 V1.07

-Korg M1 #29

-Korg DS-8

-Korg DW-8000 #12 +Delay input +Stereoping

-Korg Poly 800 Mk II +polybeast mod+ rotary knob

-Moog Prodigy Mk II

-Oberheim Matrix 6 -OS 2.14 beta

-Roland Juno 6 w/ CHD MIDI

-Roland D50 OS 2.10

-Roland alpha Ju 2 +Stereoping

-Roland MT-32

-Roland SH-2 w/ CHD midi Retrofit

-Roland S-10

-Waldorf Microwave Rev.A OS 2.0 +Stereoping

-Yamaha AN1x OS 1.04

-Yamaha CS-5 w/ Filter In

-1.Yamaha DX7 MkI  -blue LCD + ROM (SER-7)

-2.Yamaha DX7 MkI -backlite +Jahn 1.6 Expansion

Yamaha DX7 II-FD

-Yamaha DX 9

-Yamaha DX 11 (2x)

-Yamaha DX 21

-Yamaha Portasound PSS 470

Outboard FX / Compressor / Enchancement

-Boss BF2 Flanger

-Boss OD2r Overdrive

-Boss DM-2w analog Delay

-dbx 266 XL Compressor

-dbx 166a Compressor (x2)

-dbx 166 XL mkI Compressor

-EHX Deluxe Memory Man

-EHX Small Stone Rev.4

-EHX Pulsar analog Stereo Tremolo

-Ibanez DE7 analog Echo

-Lexicon MPX 550 Multi FX

-Lexicon MX 200 Dual Reverbration / FX V1.8

-Korg KAOSS Pad 3 V2.0

-SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2 Mod.9526

-Yamaha SPX-90 MkI

-Yamaha CH-10M II analog chorus

-Zoom 9010 Multi FX



-Sennheiser MD-421 dynamisch



-Boss DR-110 +DIN sync in

-Korg Mini Pops 7

-Roland CR-68 + clock in +CHD midi

-Roland TR-606 w/ sep. outs

-Roland TR-626

-Analogue.circuits TR-8080 (TR808 clone)

-Yamaha RX5


Midi Controller / Synchronisers

-Stereoping alphaJ controller

-Stereoping Microwave I controller

-Stereoping Korg DW-8000 controller

-2x Kenton Pro Solo MkII

-Roland UM-one mkII MIDI Interface

-MIDI clock to Trigger 8/16 converter

-Midiman Midi-Merge 2x2

-Midiman MIDI Thru Box 3x8

-Akai APC 40


Acoustic Instruments

-Epiphone Wildkat E-Guitar +Bigsby

-Squier Fender Mustang E-Bass / Signature M.Way

-Aria Mod. A551 Acoustic Guitar

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